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Our team is composed of young and up-and-coming talent who are committed to helping you start, grow, and protect your business.
Joseph M. De Jesús

Joseph M. De Jesús

Law Clerk

Joseph thrives at drafting detailed-intensive texts such as terms of use, privacy policies, bylaws, and other corporate documents.

Jafet Martínez Molina

Jafet Martínez Molina

Law Clerk

Jafet prospers at conducting legal research, trademark prosecution proceedings, and team building.

Yasiris M. Torres

Yasiris M. Torres

Law Clerk

Yasiris shines for her diverse experience and her ability to research and draft legal documents as part of litigation proceedings.

Legal and Business Solutions

We promise to provide all-around, accessible, and customizable legal solutions for your business.

What Can We Do for You


As one of the few intellectual property attorneys in Puerto Rico, our team focuses on protecting your trademarks, copyrights, and rights of publicity through the appropriate registration, licensing, and litigation.


As one of the few entertainment attorneys in Puerto Rico, we further help our clients protect and monetize their songs, films, and creations.


As a startup -focused firm in Puerto Rico, we support early-stage enterprises in designing and setting up their business from a legal perspective.

You are Our Priority


As a singer-songwriter, Alexiomar is particularly committed to promoting artists, musicians, designers, producers, and anyone in the creative industry.


As a group of entrepreneurs, we believe that online-based businesses are important for a local economic renewal, including influencers, podcasters, YouTubers, and e-commerce stores.


As a team led by an economist, we are a champion of sustainable local economic development.

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