Who am I

I'm attorney Alexiomar Rodriguez, founder of Seed Law, LLC, a boutique virtual law office helping launch, grow, and protect businesses lead by purpose-driven creatives, entrepreneurs, and artists in Puerto Rico.

Legal and Business Solutions.

I understand the specific needs and hurdles you and your business face every day. Therefore I will help you by providing legal and business solutions on a flat fee and unbundled basis, in a flexible and friendly manner, and providing both a like-minded partnership and access to a top-level professional network.

What Can I Do for You


As one of the few intellectual property attorneys in Puerto Rico, I focus on protecting your trademarks, copyrights, and right of publicity through the appropriate registration, licensing, and litigation.


As one of the few entertainment attorneys in Puerto Rico, I help my clients protect and monetize their songs, films, and creations.


As a startup attorney in Puerto Rico, I support early-stage enterprises in designing and setting up their business from a legal perspective.

You are My Priority


As a singer-songwriter, I am committed to promoting artists, musicians, designers, producers, and anyone in the creative industry.


As an entrepreneur, I believe that online-based businesses are important for a local economic renewal, including influencers, podcasters, YouTubers, and e-commerce stores.


As an economist, I’m a champion of sustainable local economic development.

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