Entertainment Law

We strongly believe that Puerto Rico needs to foster a creative economy. However, creatives often time avoid the business and legal aspect of their venture, exposing themselves to significant risks and liabilities. Therefore, we will help you protect your most valuable asset, yourself. 

Intellectual Property

After assessing your business model, we will dive into the core of the entertainment industry –IP.


To monetize your intellectual property, we will need to deal with licensing agreements. 


We will work with different contracts or agreements your entertainment industry-based business will require.


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How I'll Help You


No matter whether your work focuses on music, film, television, visual art, design, publishing, games, or app developments, you will need help drafting, reviewing and negotiating different licenses. That’s what we are here for. 

Agreements and Contracts

Depending on your business, this often includes music co-ownership agreements, band agreements, recording agreements, production agreements, publishing agreements, management agreements, contracts with agents, contracts for concert performance and touring, sponsorships, merchandising, among many others.  

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