Meet the Team

Alexiomar D. Rodriguez-Lopez, Esq.

Founding Attorney

Hi –

My name is Alexiomar and after spending some time in one of Puerto Rico’s top law firms I decided to make an entrepreneurial jump and start Seed Law, LLC. 

One of my passions is to help entrepreneurs launch, develop and protect both their businesses and intellectual property.

I believe Puerto Rico’s future is in your hands: the people who want to make the world a better place. 

I love playing my Taylor guitar, playing basketball (or at least trying to), and sharing with others every bit of knowledge I’ve gathered so far. 

I’m a husband and the father of Joey, a Stitch-looking french bulldog.

Joseph M. De Jesús Maldonado


I’m Joseph Michael, a second-year law student from Humacao that has ventured to San Juan to pursue my career in law and business.

After growing in a family of entrepreneurs I firmly believe in the power of small businesses and the role they play in Puerto Rico’s future. 

On the weekends, I play soccer. I love traveling; my friends also tell me I’m a good travel planner/organization-freak. When not reading cases for class, I’ll enjoy some biography or history books. 


Purpose-Driven Legal Services

As a young attorney, I, Alexiomar, have had the opportunity to work and prove myself in a wide array of legal environments. My experience ranges from legal aid clinic & pro bono work to big law firms; from state courts to federal courts, and virtually everything in between.

One thing I learned from my previous experiences is that to truly thrive, one has to believe in what one does. That is precisely why I founded Seed Law, LLC. 

I started Seed because I strongly believe that, in this day and age, Puerto Rico needs to cultivate an innovative, creative and sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem. Seed is an extension of that belief; change has to start with you and me, today. 

One of my guarantees

Like-Minded Partnership

  • As a lawyer, my passion is to help you –micropreneurs, entrepreneurs, consultants, freelancers, influencers, artists, musicians, start-ups, and small businesses– navigate the legal system for you to launch your idea into a successful business.    
  • As an economist, I have the expertise to provide empirical driven feedback, analysis, and assistance to your businesses, transactions, and decision making processes. 
  • As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the hurdles, the many hats, and unique pains you face daily: risks, uncertainty, tons of work and limited capital and time. That is precisely why I’ve tailored my legal services to meet your particular needs. 
  • As a musician, I share with you an artistic and creative mindset that other attorneys do not necessarily possess. I know and value how much time and energy you dedicate to your craft, thus it is my priority to help you protect your intellectual property.  
  • Finally, as an educator, rather than talking or writing legalese, I pride myself on explaining the legal system in plain and simple language; or as we say in Puerto Rico –en arroz y habichuela–. 

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