C-Corp Plus Setup Package



  • Up to 1-hour consultation during the C-Corp. setup process regarding goals, expectations, and legal consequences of different C-Corp. related matters.
  • Draft, prepare and file customized Articles of Incorporation with the P.R. Department of State.
  • Design, draft and send a customized C-Corp. Bylaws.
  • Draft and send customized Corporate Resolution.
  • Apply for an Employer Identification Number AKA Federal Tax ID Number with the IRS.
  • Apply for P.R. Treasure Department’ Merchants Registry and SURI Account.
  • Design, draft and send Master Service Agreement for you to use with customers.
  • Design, draft and send Independent Contractors for you to use with Providers.
  • BONUS: Informational letter with important tips on how to properly run your new business and protect your assets going forward.

* Prices shown are for common stocks Corporations formed in Puerto Rico only. Additional fees may apply for multiple stocks Corporations. Unless otherwise stated, prices do not include additional expenses such as postage, filing fees, or other costs. Substitutions and payment options are available.


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