Startups and Small Businesses

Starting any kind of business entails risks and uncertainty. My mission is to help you by providing as much certainty as possible for you to launch and grow your business as swiftly as possible. As such, we will use a seven-step formula for you to follow easily, and for us (you and me) to work through. 

1. Tax Obligations and Incentive Identification.

First, we will classify taxing obligations for you and your venture, as well as identify whether or not you or your business qualify for a tax incentive.

2. Business Entity Formation.

Second, we will assess your businesses' unique model for advising on a specific legal structure that best fits your needs. The most common forms are DBAs, LLCs, Partnerships, and Corporations. 

3. Permits and Regulatory Process.

Third, we will start the regulatory process compliance applicable to your specific enterprise. This step includes complying with different agencies at the federal, local, and municipal level.

4. Intellectual Property Protection.

Fourth, we will protect your intellectual property. This might include applying for trademark registration, on a federal or local level, applying for copyright registration, and drafting contracts to protect both your right of publicity and trade secrets. 

5. Contracts and Agreements.

Fifth –talking about contracts– we will design and draft different contracts or agreements your business might need such as Master Service Agreements, Sales-Purchase Agreements, Distribution Agreements, among others. 

6. Employment and Labor Law

Six, depending on your model, you might need to address employment and labor law issues. This includes deciding whether your team will comprise of interns, independent contractors, or employees.

7. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. 

Finally, almost every business has a webpage and many startups "copy-paste" terms of use and privacy policy from other similar websites without knowing that more likely than not, it won't serve its purpose. We will also work on the subject.

*Also important, depends mostly on your business model.

Other topics that we might help you with are identifying financing options. raising capital for your business, insurance, and media law.


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